We train tirelessly to push the men to the edges of their Fear, then surpass it. The personal victory is the highest reward!


2021 National Champions


2 Years


35, 4

We Are The Tigers

As Basketball approaches soccer as the most popular global sport, the World has set its gaze on the African continent to grow its reach and popularity.  Severus LLC was formed in 2019 to create and develop the Cape Town Tigers into the top professional basketball organization in the BAL (Basketball Africa League) within five years while simultaneously creating a viable, profitable global organization. This March,  the Cape Town Tigers played one of their first friendly matches as they ramp up to their first official season.

The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently told Bloomberg News, "With all due respect to the other U.S.-based sports, there are really two global sports: There's soccer, and there's Basketball. And (with Basketball) we're really just beginning to scratch the surface." The Cape Town Tigers are poised to capitalize on this opportunity by expanding access, support, and participation of African Basketball on the global stage.