the tigers' executive branch.

For Severus LLC., Every day presents another struggle. Every day is, itself, a blessing. We forge forth.

Our vision

we are building basketball from the ground up, in south africa

According to the NBA Commissioner, "I think it speaks to the opportunity across the roughly 55 countries of Africa. It is not just an untapped talent pool, however, with millions of potential new fans that can now be reached through technology and social media."

"The opportunity for the Cape Town Tigers to be apart of the BAL is nothing short of breath-taking. I believe we have a lot to offer the league while building a great organization," says Raphael Edwards, Severus, LLC Founding Partner & Head of Basketball Operations.
Basketball is becoming increasingly popular across the continent of

Africa, particularly with people ages 18 to 35 due in part to the fact that there are currently 13 NBA players from Africa. Severus, LLC recognizes this trend and will rely heavily on social media marketing and technology to drive brand recognition.

the business of basketball

the executive team behind the tigers

Chante Butler
Raphael Edwards
Dia Martin
William McFarland
Al Harrington

"Raphael does not wait for success to find him. Instead, he goes out and makes a path." - Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

In basketball, the athletes are always trying to get in better shape. The spotlight is always on the people playing the game or training and hitting the gyms every day. However, the spotlight does not show the people and trainers behind the scenes who play a significant role in helping these individuals succeed.Similar is the case with Raphael Edwards, a trainer who has worked with some of the biggest names in basketball and is involved in many other projects but is rarely on people’s radar. Raphael’s story is a triumph, consisting of a long, arduous journey from rags to riches.

gayle kurtzer-meyers

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